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Chargers Joey Bosa cleared concussion pr

The NFL often pounds the "player safety" drum but also  Sean Manaea Jersey undermines it at times in various ways -- something you won't see happening in the Brandon Staley era with the . He made a great example out of defensive end on Sunday, as they battled feverishly to put down the fiery in Week 13, with Bosa leaving the game early on to be evaluated for a concu sion. He was cleared to return, but Staley instead decided to rule him out completely, citing Bosa's history of concu sions as the reason.Bosa suffered two concu sions in 2020 and, because of that Jake Smolinski Jersey , Staley is rightfully unapologetic about the decision."Joey Bosa was cleared of a concu sion, but it was our decision to hold him back," Staley told media after the game. "With his history, we just wanted to make sure. As long as I'm the head coach here, we're going to be making decisions like that in the best interest of our players. He was cleared of a concu sion, so that's good news."Bosa finished the day Matt Olson Jersey  having played only nine defensive snaps.The Chargers went on to win without him in what turned from a would-be blowout to an all-out bar brawl in Cincinnati, before LA  Glenn Hubbard Jersey ultimately regained form and walked away with a convincing 41-22 victory. And the better news is Bosa will return in Week 14 against the , having both been cleared and with Staley having taken the extra step to make sure there are no residual i sues going forward.  It's a similar decision to the one made by the just two weeks ago, when wide receiver was cleared  Boog Powell Jersey from concu sion protocol but still not allowed to take the field in Week 12 against the . It appears, more and more, coaches around the league are beginning to value the long-term mental health of their players -- as they should.

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