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Ranking each Super Bowl 2022 starter plu

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT'S SUPER BOWL WEEK!Normally, I wouldn't start with all caps, but it's the Super Bowl, so how could I not. For the next five days, we'll be covering anything and everything there is to know about the Super Bowl.Of course, the Super Bowl won't be the only thing we talk about this week and that's because there are still coaches being hired. The finalized a deal with their new guy (Matt McDaniel) over the weekend and the appear to be on the cusp of hiring a coach in a move that came out of nowhere and since you probably want to know who that is, let's get to the rundown and find out.This is usually the part where I ask you to sign all your friends up for the newsletter, but instead Glen Perkins Jersey , I'll offer a gentle reminder that I'll be in Los Angeles this week and you can .Finally, if you want to see me in video form this week, the higher-ups decided to give me an hour each day to talk about the Super Bowl with Ryan Wilson and Will Brinson. That will be coming to you at 5 p.m. ET on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and if you want to watch for free on CBS Sports HQ, .  1. Today's show: Betting guide for 2022 Super BowlThe Monday podcast is usually a recap show, but there's nothing to recap this week since there weren't any games played on Sunday. Well, there was the Pro Bowl, but I'm not going to count that.Anyway, with no games to recap, Will Brinson had to come up with another idea for today's podcast, so he invited R.J. White to the show and they recorded a monstrous betting guide that mostly involved the best props to bet for Super Bowl LVI. If you're going to bet on the Super Bowl this year, then you're going to want to listen to the podcast. If you're not going to bet, you should still listen, because you'll be able to impre s your friends with all your gambling knowledge.For this podcast, White, who is our NFL betting guru, supplied all the stats and trends you'll need to know so that you  Minnesota Twins Custom Jersey feel comfortable and confident betting on all sorts of game props. Brinson and White discu sed everything from player props to early-game props to late-game props to full-game props and of course, Super Bowl MVP.  Here are two props that have good value, plus a bonus long shot prop from White: longest reception OVER 27.5 yards (+120). Kupp went over this number 23 TIMES this season, including five times in the past five games. Basically, even though he's the one receiver that opposing defenses focus on every week, they still haven't been able to slow him down.Team with the longest field goal:  (-115). This almost feels like a lock. Not only is having one of the best postseasons of any kicker in NFL history, but he also led the NFL with nine field goals of 50 or more yards this year. On the other hand, kicker has only four field goals of 50 or more yards this year, plus he's been dealing with an injury that caused him to come up SHORT on a 47-yard kick in the divisional round. McPherson is healthier, has a stronger leg and his coach trusts him to hit from  Tony Oliva Jersey anywhere inside 60.Bengals exact points: 12 (+10000). Look, this is a long shot prop, but if it hits, you'd win $10,000 on a $100 bet. The reason R.J. likes this is because he could see a situation like last year where one team faces so much pre sure that the QB struggles in the game (That's what happened to the in Super Bowl LV and they only scored nine points). To get 12, the Bengals would have multiple options to get there: They could get four field goals from McPherson or it could be a situation where they get two field goals plus a TD with a mi sed two-point conversion.There are PLENTY of other props on today's pod and if you want to listen, . You can .2. Dolphins hire Matt McDanielAfter more than nearly a month of searching, the Miami Dolphins have finally found their guy. The Dolphins announced on Sunday that they've hired offensive coordinator Matt McDaniel as their new head coach. McDaniel will replace Brian Flores, who after compiling a 24-25 record over three seasons in Miami.  Here's what you need to know about McDaniel:He was Kyle Shanahan's right-hand man.There's no one Shanahan trusts more than McDaniel. The 49ers coach has had McDaniel with him in nearly EVERY NFL stop he's made since being hired by the Texans in 2006. McDaniel followed Shanahan from Houston to Washington (2010-13) to Cleveland (2014) to Atlanta (2015-16) to San Francisco. The Dolphins are hoping that McDaniel can be the next Shanahan, Matt LaFleur or Sean McVay.McDaniel will be the third-youngest coach in the NFL.At just 38 years old, McDaniel is now the third-youngest head coach in the NFL (He'll become the fourth when the officially hire Rams OC Kevin O'Connell, who is 36). The only current coaches who are younger just happen to be the two coaches who will be standing on opposite sidelines against each other in the Super Bowl on Sunday: Sean McVay (36) and Zac Taylor (38).McDaniel is the first minority hire of the current coaching style.With the NFL in some hot water right now over its lack of minority hiring, Roger Goodell was probably thrilled to see the Dolphins hire McDaniel. Miami's new coach is bi-racial being Black. The Dolphins and the NFL were hit with a discrimination lawsuit by Flores just weeks after his firing  Bert Blyleven Jersey in Miami.Other details of the hiring.According , McDaniel was given in a four-year deal, which means he's going to need to get things figured out quickly in Miami. The other finalist for the job was offensive coordinator , who will now almost certainly remain in Dallas. For more on . The hiring of McDaniel means that seven of the nine open jobs have now been filled. Only the , and Texans have yet to hire a coach.But that could change soon. The Texans appear close to naming LOVIE SMITH as their next head coach -- and you .On the Saints' end, New Orleans interviewed Eric Bieniemy on Sunday and it won't be surprising if they make a decision at some point in the very near future.  3. Ranking all the starters in the Super BowlI have to admit, I was under the impre sion that Pete Prisco was taking two weeks off between the conference title games and the Super Bowl, but apparently, it turns out I was wrong. The reason we haven't heard from Pete in a while is because Prisco has been busy ranking EVERY SINGLE STARTER on both teams for the Super Bowl.There are 11 starters on offense for both teams and 11 starters on defense for both teams, which means there are 44 starters in the game. Pete took a look at each player individually and then ranked them from from 1 to 46 (He also ranks the nickel back for each team, so there are actually 46 players in his rankings).Here's a look at his top five and  Jose Berrios Jersey his bottom five:1. (Rams DL)2. (Rams CB)3. Cooper Kupp (Rams WR)4. (Bengals WR)5. (Bengals QB)...42. (Rams ILB)43. (Rams DB)44. (Bengals LB)45. (Bengals

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