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Week 7 NFL best bets Bill Belichick conf

We got the bounce we wanted last week. Yeah, it took some zanine s in Foxborough to get us there, but all is well that ends well. We go 2-0 and that brings us to 10-5 on  Cam Ward Jersey the season. I can live with that.I do not love this week's slate of games. In fact, from a point spread point of view, it is probably the one I'm feeling the least strongly about all season so far. Not much leaps out to me. So I am going to keep this, again, to a minimum. Just going to focus on two games and try to keep the good vibes going.   Latest Odds: New England Patriots -7            The Jets seem to be getting worse each week. The rookie QB has really struggled, the offensive line has yet to come together and the defense might be wearing down a little but because it seems like they are on the field all the time. Also, do we really think the are going to lose a fifth home game already in this young season Marcus Kruger Jersey ? At some point they put on a real show in front of the home fans, right?I know they ain't what they once were, but this remains a ma sive mismatch, and if there weren't so many other huge point spreads on the board this week I wonder if this would be higher. This is a ma sive disparity in coaching experience and acumen and the Pats are coming off their best outing of the season in that heartbreaking lo s to Dylan Strome Jersey  Dallas.  I am old enough to remember when the Pats beat the Jets, 25-6, in Week 2, and it should have been more with how was turning the ball over. New York has not gotten any better since then. Bill Belichick is out to erase this QB again, and they will have him seeing ghosts. New England got the running game going some. I see many roads to a lopsided victory here Chris Chelios Jersey . I see the Patriots winning by double digits, it's just a matter of how high.   Latest Odds: Las Vegas Raiders PK            The Eagles are spiraling. Can't get balanced on offense. Some of the lo ses on defense are starting to show. And is going to see several dudes he can target in the pa sing game. The Raiders responded very well to the Jon Gruden resignation last week and I see them being on a little bump here, too, at home.  Las Vegas has the ability to beat you in all quadrants in the pa sing game right now, Corey Crawford Jersey  and the Eagles seem to be always chasing games. Their young coaching staff is already under fire, and they seem to resist fully embracing the option game with and Myles Sanders. Maybe they finally come around to that this week, but I see Vegas scoring points. And that doesn't come naturally to this Eagles team, except for in garbage time. Yeah, I fear the backdoor cover a little bit here, but I think goes off and Carr has a very big game.

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