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Frontrunners to land Deshaun Watson in t

Welcome to the St. Patrick's Day edition of the Pick Six newsletter!For me, the fact that it's St. Patrick's Day means that it's the four-year anniversary of the time Rob Gronkowski showed up at my Bachelor Party dre sed as a leprechaun (This actually happened. You and ). While celebrating St. Patrick's Day back in 2018, Gronk let it slip that he would be returning to the Patriots, which I'm only mentioning now, because making big announcements in unusual places around March 17 seems to be Gronk's thing.This year, he in Tampa and while he was there, he let everyone know that he would probably be re-signing with the Buccaneers. Unfortunately, he was not dre sed as a leprechaun this year.One person who didn't show up at a barber shop yesterday to make an announcement about his future was Deshaun Watson. The quarterback is almost certainly going to be traded today in a deal that might go down before you even get a chance to read this newsletter. For today, we'll be looking at the latest trade speculation involving Watson, plus, we'll be covering our winners and losers from Day 1 of free agency. Dinelson Lamet Jersey As always, here's your weekly reminder to tell all your friends to sign up for the newsletter. All you have to do is . Alright, let's get to the rundown.     1. Today's show: Discu sing different QB po sibilitiesNFL free agency officially kicked off at 4 p.m. ET, and although we don't usually break out champagne for our podcast, we broke out some drinks for Thursday's show to celebrate the new league year, which is way more exciting than celebrating the actual new year. For today's show, our original plan was to talk about every free agent signing po sible, but instead, Will Brinson, Ryan Wilson and I spent half the podcast trying to figure out how the NFL's game of quarterback musical chairs is going to end.Not only is Deshaun Watson going to be on a new team next year, but there's a good chance Baker Mayfield, Jimmy Garoppolo and po sibly even Matt Ryan could be on the move. Baker Mayfield in Seattle? One of us liked the idea of that.Matt Ryan in Indy? One of us feels like that would give the Colts their best shot at winning a Super Bowl, but the only way Ryan is going to end up in Indy is if the Falcons trade for Deshaun Waston.  We also all took a gue s at where Deshaun Watson would end up and there's a chance we might all whiff because no one gue sed the Saints.To listen to Zach Davies Jersey  today's episode -- and to subscribe to the podcast -- . You . 2. Deshaun Watson sweepstakes down to three teamsIf you're wondering what's going on with Deshaun Watson right now, it's pretty simple from an NFL perspective: He's definitely going to get traded and that deal is almost certainly going to go down today.  Here's the latest on the Watson situation:Watson will not be headed to Cleveland. The Browns have been informed that they're out of the running for Watson, . This is now going to create an extremely awkward situation between the Browns and Baker Mayfield, who aren't on the best of terms.There appear to be two frontrunners for Watson's services. The two finalists in the Watson sweepstakes appear to be the Falcons and Saints, . This doesn't mean the Panthers are out of it; it just means those two spots are Watson's preferred locations right now.Saints met with Watson for a second time. The Saints have put the full-court pre s on Watson. Not only did they meet with him earlier this week, but they became the first (and only) team to meet with him for a second time. The two sides met again Wednesday night, . The Saints are clearly willing to do whatever it takes to land Watson. Saints clearing cap space for Watson's potential arrival. If the Saints want to trade for Watson, they're going to have to be able to absorb his $35 million salary for 2022, which means they need a lot of cap room. To make that happen, the Saints restructured the contracts of QB Taysom Hill, CB Bradley Roby, LB DeMario Davis and S Malcolm Jenkins, . With the restructured deals in place, the Saints now have  Austin Allen Jersey $29.9 million. (They could also pick up more space if they end up trading a player in the Watson deal, as that player's contract would come off the Saints' books.)Matt Ryan trade could be complicating things for Falcons. Like the Saints, the Falcons also need to clear cap space if they want to acquire Watson, and the biggest hinderance to that right now is Matt Ryan, who's currently on the books for a $48.67 million cap hit. If the Falcons pull off a trade for Watson, don't be surprised if we see a Ryan deal go down on the same day. If the  Ronald Bolanos Jersey Texans want him, he could end up in Houston, but if they're not interested, then the Falcons will quickly look to send him somewhere else. Ryan (March 18), and you'd have to think the Falcons don't want to pay that if they have Watson on their roster. Basically, if Watson gets traded to Atlanta and the Falcons QB isn't involved in the deal, look for a trade involving Ryan to go down shortly afterward.As for the Panthers, they're not out of the running, but owner David Tepper is going to have to do something major to get Watson to change his mind. Also, let's not rule out the po sibility of a mystery team. Although that's not likely in this situation, we've seen crazier things happen before in the NFL, so I thought I should mention it just in case. 3. Winners and losers after Day 1 of free agencyAs everyone knows, the entire point of free agency for each NFL team is to try and impre s Jordan Danjani, who is one of the writers in charge of deciding winners and losers each day.Here are three of Jordan's winners and three of his losers after Day 1 of free agency:  WinnersRaiders:Von Miller:Commanders: I'm gue sing he's going to regret that.LosersBaker Mayfield:Patriots:Carson Wentz's first picture with the Commanders (You ):The le son here is to never take an NFL team photo in a letterman jacket. Wentz looks like he's posing for a senior photo at a high school that he never wanted to attend.For a more in-depth explanation on each of those . 4. Trades, cuts and signings: Biggest moves over the past 24 hoursDuring free agency, it's nearly impo sible to keep track of everything that happens, but the good news for you is that you don't have to because CBS pays me to do it for you. With that in mind, let' Blake Snell Jersey s take a look at some of the biggest moves that have gone down around the league over the past 24 hours. Bills land Von Miller.Watching Patrick Mahomes lead a scoring drive in just 13 seconds must have really irked Sean McDermott, because it seems like his plan going into 2022 is to destroy Mahomes, which is likely a big reason why the Bills have added Miller. Miller has . The Bills also made a major mo

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