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Vikings staff under pressure due to play

The ' overtime lo s to the last Sunday only heightened some of the tension in that organization, with ownership having conveyed to some a sociates their expectation that the club be a playoff factor this season to fend off major changes.The Wilfs, who own the team, have pondered  Cleveland Indians Jersey significant changes in the past, and seriously considered parting ways with head coach Mike Zimmer even after a playoff appearance two years ago, sources said. It is not lost on those within the organization how significant this season is to maintaining job security there. Cleveland Indians Custom Jersey  Zimmer's coaching style can be grating for coaches and players, they have churned through coaches and coordinators over the years, and the pre sure is on for them to have a much improved 2021.Ownership has invested major resources in the roster Andrew Miller Jersey  of the team  as well as its infrastructure  in recent years, with the era, if you will, yet to bear much fruit. The expectation is that the team will be more consistent and fundamentally sound this season. In Week 1, however, there were repeated i sues, Minnesota was penalized 12 times for 166 yards in blowing a lead to the Bengals, with a staggering 10 penalties for  Matt Belisle Jersey 91 yards in the first half alone playing a role in 14-7 deficit at halftime, and, after  Trevor Bauer Jersey scrambling to tie the game late, the Vikings lost in overtime.Zimmer is in his eighth season at the helm, ama sing a 64-48-1 record, but since 2018 his defense's have begun to falter and he is 25-23 in that span.

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